N.Z. Institute of Hazardous
Substance Management (Inc)

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Flashpoint is the official journal of the NZ Institute of Hazardous Substance Management.

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Flashpoint Winter 2023 (2.5MB)
Flashpoint Summer 2023 (4.3MB)
Flashpoint Spring 2022 (3.9MB)
Flashpoint Summer 2022 (3.8MB)
Flashpoint Winter 2021 (2.7MB)
Flashpoint Autumn 2021 (2.9MB)
Flashpoint Spring 2020 (2.7MB)
Flashpoint Autumn 2020 (2.4MB)
Flashpoint Summer 2020 (3.1MB)
Flashpoint Winter 2019 (4.5MB)
Flashpoint Spring 2018 (2.9MB)
Flashpoint Winter 2018 (2.4MB)
Flashpoint Summer 2018 (5.9MB)
Flashpoint Winter 2017 (3.5MB)
Flashpoint Autumn 2017 (7.7MB)
Flashpoint Winter 2016 (1.5MB)
Flashpoint Spring 2015 (0.9MB)
Flashpoint Winter 2015 (1.5MB)
Flashpoint Summer 2015 (2MB)
Flashpoint Spring 2014 (3MB)
Flashpoint Autumn 2014 (1.5MB)
Flashpoint Summer 2013 (1.7MB)
Flashpoint Autumn-Winter 2013 (2.0MB)
Flashpoint Summer 2012 (1.3MB)
Flashpoint Spring 2012 (1.4MB)
Flashpoint Winter 2011 (2.2MB)
Flashpoint Autumn 2011 (2.9MB)
Flashpoint December 10/January 11 (2.5MB)
Flashpoint Winter 10 (1.5MB)
Flashpoint April 10 (2.9MB)
Flashpoint Autumn 09 (1.1MB)
Flashpoint Winter 09 (2.6MB)
Flashpoint December 09 (2.3MB)
Flashpoint December 08 (1.6MB)
Flashpoint June 08 (1MB)
Flashpoint July 07 (1.6MB)

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